New Bags

July 19, 2011


Photos of Past Craft Shows

July 19, 2011

Flint City Handmade Market 2011

Adventures of a wanna be quilter Part III

July 15, 2011

So I finally got all the blocks sewn together and I think it looks great. My next class will be creating the quilt ‘sandwich’ with the batting, and finally the quilting.

Adventures of a wanna be quilter Part II

July 15, 2011

I fianlly got everything cut out into blocks. Next came deciding how to lay them out in a manner pleasing to the eye. (quilting talk). This step is the hardest part. Picking out the fabric was a lot more fun.

Adventures of a wanna be quilter

July 15, 2011

I decided I wanted to learn to make a quilt. I signed up for a beginning quilt class so I could learn the basics. So far, so good. The first night, we selected our fabrics. Four hours later, we all finally decied on our 12 different fabrics for our quilt. Here’s my selection. Can’t wait to see it all together.

Quilted tote bags

July 12, 2011

I’ve been making quilted tote bags lately, and learning how to quilt. Here’s a link to a few pics!

Mandy’s Lunch Tote Monster

April 21, 2011

Om Nom Nom!
Here is Mandy’s Lunch tote with the Monster embroidered onto the front!

Nesting Dolls

April 21, 2011

These are the Russian Nesting Dolls that Mandy wanted me to make!

New Springtime Totes and Lunch Bags

March 24, 2011

Bag in tree

March 17, 2011

This is our friend ‘plastic-bag-in-tree’. He’s been in the tree outside my window at work for,…oh about 35 days or so. Just waiting to see how long it stays around! Poor bag.